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How do the patches work if nothing enters the body? LifeWave patches are clinically proven to stimulate acupuncture points, ultimately improving the flow of energy in the body. No drugs, stimulants or needles are needed.

Are the patches safe to use? The patches are non-transdermal, meaning that nothing enters the body. Additionally, LifeWave uses a patch adhesive that is hypoallergenic. Homeopathy and acupressure have been long known for their safety and efficacy. If you have a health condition, please consult your physician before using LifeWave products.

How long can I wear the patches on my body? The patches may be worn for up to twelve hours. Discard the patch after use and wear a new patch with each use.

Where do you apply the patches for best results? Each patch product has its own list of recommended placements along with detailed instructions for use. Refer to the appropriate Instructions for Use Booklet for recommended placements for each product.

Can anyone use the LifeWave patches? Anyone with a serious health condition is urged to contact a healthcare professional before using the patches. Also, individuals who are pregnant and/or nursing should not use the patches.

How long does it take to experience pain relief with the patches? Although individual results vary, many people experience pain relief within minutes of patch use.

How do you apply the patches for whole body pain? Place the WHITE patch on the bottom of the RIGHT foot and the TAN patch on the bottom of the LEFT foot. (Kidney 1, see Instructions for Use)

Where do I place the patches for knee pain? Place the TAN patch on the inside of the knee, and the WHITE patch on the outside of the knee.

What will I feel when wearing the Y-Age Aeon patch? Although you may not initially feel anything, many people have reported increased energy and an overall sense of well-being. As is the case with the other Y-Age patches, you may note some initial detoxification symptoms.

What is glutathione and what are its benefits? Glutathione is the body's master antioxidant and helps to detoxify the body and neutralize free radicals while supporting the immune system.

What should I feel when wearing Silent Nights? You may note feelings of drowsiness. You may also experience a more restful night's sleep that allows you to wake up feeling refreshed.

What should I expect to feel when using the Energy Enhancer patches? Although individual results may vary, you should expect to feel elevated and stable energy levels during patch use. This includes an increase in the amount of perceived energy and endurance. You may also initially experience some detoxification symptoms.

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What is Glutathione? Glutathione (GSH)The MasterAntioxidant Did you know glutathione is the most powerful, prevalent antioxidant in your body? Increasing your glutathione level will naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body and strengthen your immune system.* Improved Energy * Pain Relief * Better Sleep * Anti Aging * Weight Loss.

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