Lifewave Testimonials:

Y-Age Aeon: Pain for 5 yrs after being recently diagnosed with degenerative disc disease. I've been prescribed Percocet, Vicodin, but it left me nauseous and still in pain. Distributor Carson Pay tells me to use Aeon and Ice wave and after 3 days of patches I went from not using any at all and am 98% pain free. - Lisa Justice USA

Energy Enhancer: I have known of LifeWave since October 2009 during the Rome meeting with Mr. Schmidt. Since then I have begun to use the patches with optimal results on my energy and vitality levels and the recovery time in my training at the gym (I'm an instructor of martial arts). I have begun to share the results with other people with enthusiasm and perseverance thats my Lifewave Testimonial for these awesome Lifewave Products.- Fabrizio Carro Italy

* IceWave Pain Patches: Another Lifewave Product Testimonial:The first time I used the LifeWave [IceWave] Patches I had a rib out of place. I couldn't get into my doctor. I was in so much pain I couldn't breathe. My upline sponsor came all the way up from Anaheim to show me the patches and do a demo. Within 10 seconds I could feel the pain lift. I could breath for the first time. I was amazed!! I was a believer from then on. I went to see my doctor and he was having back pain and I patched him. He is coming to the event to meet the with my sponsor. He is just as excited as I am. I want to tell the world about LifeWave - Simona Lee Distributor USA

Silent Nights: I tried the patch Silent Nights for my long trips and it is fantastic how I feel relaxed in the airplane during the long hours of flight and I arrive a lot fresher than before to the destination. It is great!. - L -Christine GAY-GIRRBACH

Y-Age: Glutathione and Carnosine: The patches [Y-Age: Glutathione and Carnosine] have improved the firmness of my skin on all the levels. Wrinkles and small wrinkles are almost thing of the past now (52 years). My color is better, my hair and my nails are all in better condition. Since the beginning of the continuous protocol (Aeon), my husband has found his joy to live which has been lost for several years. He has been rejuvenated. He sleeps very well at night, and wakes in the morning with vitality and is very functional with no coffee. Our life as a couple has never been better and will continue to be because Lifewave products are going to be around forever. -Lucie Lafrance on behalf of Jacques Beaugrand Champagne Quebec, Canada

Increasing your glutathione level our body's master antioxidant.will naturally increase your energy, detoxify your body strengthen your immune system reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.... * Improved Energy * Pain Relief * Better Sleep * Anti Aging * Weight Loss * Improves overall health

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